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Store Web Designs

Beginning Stages of Web Store Upgrade/Design Process.

  1. One of our Business Development Managers ("BDM") will contact you to describe the web upgrade/design process in detail. 
  2. He/She will do a "business assessment" (optional) with you to discover your business objectives and goals to strategically assist in the store design process. He/She will produce a 1-2 page marketing / business plan to give you a full understanding of your industry and how to build your store to fit the needs of your customers. We DO NOT charge for this service.
  3. After client has made a decision to move forward to start to build their store, the BDM will draft a proposal contract for your project and as long as the client is confident of all the terms, the client will sign off and receive a copy of the proposal contract to your email on file.
  4. Client will provide the following content:
  • Provide all pages content - images, text, logos, contact info, phone numbers, template type (Shopify), SKUs, products, detail info, descriptions etc., emails to: info@storewebdesigns.com. 
  • NOTE: In regards to bank account numbers, banking institution info and other sensitive information, the client is not abliged to give this information if they are not comfortable. 
  • Will complete all design and payment, shipping, checkout pages and other pages to the client's specificatons. 
  1. Admin login user and passwords, URLs, etc.

Why Us?

StoreWebDesigns is solely a Web Design Agency that specializes in Web Store Design and assistance in marketing and business planning by our business Account Managers at no extra cost.  We also provide SEO Marketing! Check out our monthly rates.

Our primary specializations are in eCommerce stores' solutions that suits the needs of clients that are looking for a more simpler approach to designing their store without all the complications and extra hidden costs. We promote transparency more than any other agency across the board with a team of highly educated and experienced developers, designers and engineers to create a highly functional store that will give you the best opportunity to "stay in the game" in your industry. We also give the client "real time" access to our developers and what they are doing 24/7. 

Our Account Management team will take you through the whole process from start to completion. 

We also provide site maintenance packages that will allow the client the best deal around with the most flexible packages that meets your budget and business goals.