The most cost effective, simplified and satisfying way to promote a business online is through database-driven e-commerce portals. We all know how business culture has changed from traditional direct or telephonic sales to internet dominated sales. If you want to accelerate your core business processes and create your brand equity in today’s crowded web space, you need agile, flexible and cost effective e-commerce solutions.

With e-business emerging as a major industry, and keeping this factor in focus, CG-VAK offers measurable, effective and high performing e-commerce solutions for SMEs as well as big corporates, catering multiple industry verticals. Our custom made ecommerce solutions, incorporated using cutting-edge technologies, help reduce the strain your business face.

E-Commerce Solutions, the Indispensable Tool for Elusive Online Presence is What We Are Experts in Building & Designing 

Our budget friendly yet intuitive eCommerce services, with user experience enriched content management interfaces, can be availed in a wide range of options.

Our solutions are centered around delagating our projetcts to various developers with experience in different areas of design, developing and analytics when it comes to structuring a viable online store while continuously reducing your total maintenance and updating cost. This means you would  require little or no assistance from us to help run solutions we build for you, making it more budget friendly and cost effective.

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